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Razer’s Blade Pro 17 gaming laptop has a 4K resolution display that has a 120Hz refresh rate. This provides the best of both worlds in ter >>
2020 marks the end of the decade. From Apple’s iPhone to the Amazon Echo, which tech devices made the biggest difference in the 2010s? Fro >>
Even though there’s no perfect, do-everything smartwatch for Android users, you can still get a lot of use out of one. They make it a lot >>
Where one wrong move will send most drones to their doom, Skydio’s self-flying system uses AI to duck under canopies and swoop around bran >>
It can be difficult to buy a gift for a creative family member or friend looking to either improve their setup or just get started making mu >>
The steering wheel spins on its own. The pedals go up and down as if pressed by some phantom foot. The seatbelt is clicked into place but te >>
If you have an iPhone and you want a smartwatch, there’s really only one choice to make: how much do you want to spend on an Apple Watch? >>
Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Wireless headphones maintain the original model's good looks. But in the pursuit of making a lighter, more comfort >>
Despite the popular depiction of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as a floating island of rubbish, you actually can't see a patch because it' >>
Spend any time in New York or London and you’ll come across dozens of people whizzing along each city’s streets on electric scooters. Ye >>