Photo by @mooselovesu
Lights. Camera. Drama. 🤩
Muslimah Carpenter (@mooselovesu) is a theater kid at heart. She sang choir, played the oboe and the clarinet and loved Cirque du Soleil. “My mom and I would do a lot of community theater, and one of my favorite parts was the dress rehearsals and actually performing, because I got to play in my mom’s makeup,” she says. So when the 23-year-old started doing makeup tutorials, she wanted to incorporate that same love of performing onstage.
Just like any great show, Muslimah’s makeup tutorials start with pre-production: choreographing to the music, timing all the transitions and rehearsing the final reveal. “All the choreography, that’s all strategized and written down before I even film,” she says. “There’s just a whole bunch of notes on all the looks that I’ve done. It’s like a game plan.”
The final touch to creating a showstopping makeup tutorial, Muslimah says, is to “just have fun and live your fantasy.”