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Meet Harper Watters (@theharperwatters). He’s a professional dancer and advocate for the LGBTQ community who is using his platform to stan >>
“It’s not a great feeling to feel helpless, so that’s why I stand up for people who do,” says professional ballet soloist Harper Wat >>
“My love for self-portraits began as a way of me being able to tell a story with the endless versions of myself,” says makeup artist and >>
#DoYouFollow artist, computer programmer and educator Zach Lieberman (@zach.lieberman)? Zach’s coding creativity is overflowing, in the fo >>
Take a peek into the creative process of artist and coder @zach.lieberman on today’s episode of #DoYouFollow, our new series which dives d >>
“Music has definitely taught me to embrace my feelings and personality because that’s what makes me unique,” says Zimbabwe-born Austra >>
“I think a good cosplay is capturing the ‘soul’ of the character,” says cosplayer and UX designer Hikarin (@__hikarin), who created >>
#HelloFrom the Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam 🙌⁣

Photo by @_deepsky⁣
Today on IGTV, we’re on the set with Chance the Rapper (@chancetherapper) at the making of the music video for his song “We Go High.” >>
We’re in Chi-town with Chance the Rapper (@chancetherapper), behind the scenes of the music video for his song “We Go High.”